Your role in making business work for everyone

Here are four ways the Better Business Act supports business leaders to transform the way Britain does business so every single company takes ownership of its social and environmental impact

Proving the value of aligned interests

We have compelling evidence to show that businesses thrive when they align the interests of shareholders, the planet and society. A range of data and case studies are in place to inform and inspire.

Building a coalition of leaders

The Better Business Act coalition brings together businesses who are already leading the way. Our network of business ambassadors is made up of leaders who have the authority and credibility to inspire and convince the rest of industry to join us.

Convening the conversation

We regularly host and participate in events which bring businesses, their stakeholders and government together to bring our case to life and to shift the public narrative on the role of business from ‘greed to good’.

Taking our ask to government

As the coalition grows and our voice becomes louder, we will engage a network of ‘Parliamentary Champions’ to drive legislation forward and convene experts to help government shape the legislation.

You can find more ways how to make the case for better businesses with our toolkit.

Britain needs business at its best

2,500 companies have chosen to be part of the coalition for a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all.


Here you can find BBA templates, brand information and a communications toolkit to help you share information about the BBA within your organisation and your networks.

This is our primary logo in light colour.

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This is our primary logo in dark colour.

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Use this Communications Toolkit to spread the BBA’s message to other businesses, employees and on social media.

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Use this toolkit to arrange a meeting with your MP.

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Use this brand book to learn more about the BBA.

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