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By signing up to the Better Business Act coalition, my organisation agrees to:

1. Support the four basic principles of the BBA:

  • Aligned interests
  • Empowering directors
  • Default change
  • Reflected in reporting

2. List our company name and logo on this website

3. Ongoing advocacy for the BBA and participation in future campaign activities

4. Not undertake any corporate activity that would undermine the objectives of the campaign

5. Act and communicate in a non party-political manner

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“We’re joining the coalition because we believe that now is the right time to raise the bar for British business across the board, it’s time for broader accountability to be a legal requirement for the many, not just a moral imperative for the few.” - Arlo Brady, Freuds
“We're joining the coalition because better business means a better world.” - Chris Forbes, The Cheeky Panda

Download the BBA communications toolkit

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