Hosting Your Own BBA Event

Our coalition members regularly speak at and even create their own events to showcase the aims of the Better Business Act and explain why they are supporters.

When you participate in an event about the BBA, it highlights your commitment as a purposeful business and it encourages other businesses to join our coalition, strengthening our cause and moving us forward in our key goal of amending s172 of the Companies Act.

The more our members help us spread the word, the stronger we become. See below our top tips for running events:

  • What and how? Be clear about your event’s topic and what the format will be: do you want a panel with one moderator? Or one speaker with a presentation and a Q&A from the audience?

  • Virtual or in-person? The pandemic continues to put real life events in jeopardy so organising a virtual event might be safest. If you really want a face-to-face event, we recommend making virtual plans too, just in case you have to pivot online.

  • Think about your speakers: it can work well to include speakers with different perspectives on the subject – that makes it more interesting for the audience. Try to include some diverse backgrounds and opinions if possible.

  • Moderate and record. If you can, involve a moderator to help manage the questions and responses between your audience and the panel or speaker. It takes the pressure off the speaker and allows a more fluent exchange. The moderator can also record the event, so you can post it online for those who weren’t able to attend live.

  • Promote it on your channels in good time… and consider asking some organisations and individuals directly – that can boost your response rate.

  • Get us involved. Let us know about the event at the early stages of planning. We can help with speakers, guest lists, content and promotion.

We look forward to working with our amazing coalition, continuing the campaign to change s.172, to create a fairer, greener future for everyone.

If you have questions or comments, please email